First day of class

Someone got mugged in the campus woods to the east. An inauspicious start to the quarter, to say the least.

Syllabi and such in all 3 classes. Some preliminaries but nothing worth taking notes on, really. The philosophy class and instructor are apparently the only ones with a website. No PLS 200 on Friday, the instructor will be out of town. Tried recording the class sessions, but the playback sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

Wright1 system fixed, almost a week after they said it would be done; finally got my student ID.

Got my books and ordered a Dell laptop with Ubuntu, which should be here in a couple weeks. Taking notes in WordPress is a perfect setup; that laptop better hurry up. Until I get it, I’ll have to blog my notes after class instead of during. :(

Product Description
Inspiron 1525, Intel Pentium Dual Core T2330, 1.60GHz 533Mhz, 1M L2 Cache
Est. Ship Date

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