Technical Support Services

Whether you need help with network or Internet problems, browsers & email, MS-Office, virus & spyware removal, system optimization, tune-up and upgrades or other computer headaches, I can provide professional service.

On-site hardware & Windows/software support is available in the greater Dayton OH area. Remote desktop support (non-hardware) is available anywhere there’s an Internet connection: no matter where you are, if you’re online I can help you.

  • Full on-site & remote desktop support: Windows Vista, Win7 & Win8
  • Limited support: WinXP & earlier, Ubuntu Linux and MS-DOS
  • No support: products running Google Android or Apple iOS
  • 10+ years experience troubleshooting Win95 through Win7 & Win8
  • CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified since 2002: ID number COMP10650136
  • Secure billing & credit card payments via PayPal

Rates: $50 first hour or part (minimum), $12.50 each additional half-hour or part. Fill out the form below to submit a service request; schedule permitting, I will respond to most requests within 24 hours.

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